Master of Education

M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

Offered face-to-face in the Kansas City area and Online.

The Master of Education degree in Teacher Leadership, began in October 1995, becoming the first graduate program in the School for Education. The degree is designed to meet the practical needs of the classroom teacher that ties theory and practice together. The program strives to develop reflective educators who can be change agents in the lives of their students, and in their school and communities.

This program is also available in an off-campus cohort format. Classes meet in or near your school one night a week, the same night for the entire program. You will finish one course every eight weeks and make-up options are available should an occasional scheduling conflict occur. To learn more or apply, please call (800) 946-9802 or e-mail Alison Manor amanor@graduateprogram.orgMore Go

Program-Specific Admission Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements for the School for Education, you must also meet the following admission requirements for the Master of Education in Teacher Leadership program:

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and hold a valid state teaching certificate (applicant must provide copy of certificate).
  • Students with a cumulative GPA between 2.75 and 3.0 may be considered for admission, if they provide one of the following:
    • Four (4) years successful employment experience (validated by a letter of recommendation from supervisor based on good evaluations).
    • An acceptable GRE score for verbal and quantitative tests.
  • Be officially admitted to the School for Education

Degree Requirements

Curriculum Hours
Required Courses 30
ED 513 Law for Educators 3
ED 515 Sociological Factors Affecting Education 3
ED 516 Introduction to Graduate Research 3
ED 519 Diversity in the Classroom 3
ED 520 Special Needs in the Classroom 3
ED 532 Teaching and Learning: Theory Into Practice 3
ED 606 Curriculum Theory and Practice 3
ED 608 Assessment 3
ED 620 Advanced Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment – Methods and Strategies 3
ED 631 Action Research 3
Total Hours 30

*Undergraduate Credit: A limited number of courses at the 400 level may be taken for graduate elective credit if eligible for graduate credit and with the permission of the graduate advisor or Program Director.

Thesis Option

With the approval of the Program Director, interested and capable students may elect the thesis option, to replace ED 630.* The six-credit thesis option provides students with the opportunity to explore a topic in-depth, by applying an appropriate research methodology. Students electing the thesis option shall adhere to the requirements set forth in the Graduate School's Master's Thesis Procedures, described above. Additional information about writing a thesis may be found in the Standards and Procedures Manual, accessible through the Graduate School website.

Thesis Option Curriculum
Required Courses 6*
ED 700 Thesis — Research and Proposal Development 3
ED 701 Thesis — Research 3
ED 799 Thesis — Continuous Enrollment 1

*Note: A maximum of six thesis hours may be counted toward degree requirements. Students electing the thesis option will not take ED 630.

Graduation Requirements

  • In addition to graduation requirements stated in the Academic Policies, an approved portfolio is required, which addresses, satisfactorily, the Missouri Teacher Standards. The portfolio must be presented by the fifth week of the last term in the student's program. Advanced candidate must successfully pass the School for Education Disposition Instrument for Advanced Candidates for completion of the program. A student cannot complete the program or be recommended for certification without an acceptable portfolio.
  • Successful completion of 30 credit hours, with no grade lower than a "C", in the required courses, with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  • An application for Graduation is required before a completion statement is posted to the transcript. Students must submit the completed form with the appropriate fee.