Master of Education in Adult Education

Program Overview

Program Goals

The Master’s in Adult Education is a progressive, multi-disciplinary program that introduces you to the key concepts of learning and development in adulthood. It integrates internationalized learning from global perspectives to challenge you on a theoretical and practical level. It will:

  • Provide a comprehensive, research-based understanding of human capacity building and competency development;
  • Connect you with challenges facing today’s organizations and prepare you to create innovative and effective learning solutions;
  • Prepare you to synthesize elements from adult learning theory, instructional design, program planning, implementation, and evaluation strategies.

Drawing on a range of disciplines, this program will prepare you for a career to apply knowledge and skills which can be effectively used and developed on an individual, group and organizational level.

Unique Program Features

Within the M.Ed. in Adult Education program, we invite real-world experience to connect learners with external stakeholders in the field of adult educatiou. We utilize project- and problem-based learning in which participants propose real solutions to the challenges facing the field within tbe context of adult education. Particpants develop transferable competencies, valued throughout all domains oftbe workforce, which are developed and assessed throughout the program with individualized coaching.

Program Competencies

Master's in Adult Education Program Competencies

Active Inquiry

Exploring new knowledge through extensive investigation.

Global & Community Learning

Extending socio-cultural relations across local and world space.

Critical & Strategic Thinking

Generation and application of unique insights and opportunities to create competitive advantage; reflective reasoning about beliefs and actions.

Ethics & Moral Reasoning

Value-based actions under conditions of uncertainty.

Integrative & Applied Learning

Connecting skills and knowledge from multiple sources, contexts, and experiences, including diverse and contradictory points of view.