Master of Education in Adult Education

Meet the Faculty

DR. AMBER DAILEY-HEBERTDr. Amber Dailey-Hebert

Amber Dailey-Hebert, Ph.D. is a scholar on the future of learning and has 20 years of experience, working in the United States, Europe, and Africa on institution-wide strategic initiatives and educational development projects that develop human capacity, promote self-directed learning, and leverage collaborative knowledge production for social change. To learn more, please visit Amber’s website:

DR. ERRIN HEYMANDr. Errin Heyman

Errin Heyman, Ed.D. currently resides in Colorado and has over twenty years of higher education experience, with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of online pedagogy, on-ground curriculum and instruction, and accreditation processes and requirements.

She has expertise in advancing leadership and visibility of student learning outcomes and educational effectiveness.

DR. KRISTEN MOOREDr. Kristen Moore

Kristen Moore, Ph.D.  has over 15 years of instructional experience in human resources, psychology, adult education, liberal arts and research.

She serves as an academic leader, collaborative professional focused on management of a dispersed team, compliance training for full—time and part-time faculty, academic quality and retention of current student population.

DR. LINDA PASSAMANECKDr. Linda Passamaneck

Linda Passamaneck, Ph.D.appreciates the increasing convergence of business, education and technology and has been working for over 20 years to develop innovative higher education programs that support the need for lifelong learning. She has worked and consulted with numerous organizations, non-profits, and universities to start and successfully grow their eLearning programs.

DR. MARTHANN SCHULTEDr. Marthann Schulte

Marthann Schulte, Ph.D. has worked collaboratively with administration and faculty to find unique technology and facilitation solutions.

She has numerous peer-reviewed scholarly publications, works on research in online education and continuing education topics, and is active in online and continuing education.  Dr. Schulte works from her home in Portsmouth, Virginia, is a military spouse and mother.

DR. K. HOLLY SHIFLETTDr. K. Holly Shiflett

K. Holly Shiflett, Ph.D. works with business development teams to craft online learning solutions for universities in the United States and United Kingdom.

She also supports the implementation of distance education programs and has managed course development teams, strategic planning and support services for a number of higher education institutions. 

DR. PAULA SHIPPERDr. Paula Shipper

Paula Shipper, Ed.D. has over thirty years documented success serving students and university departments at both large public and small private institutions. She has created partnerships with institutions resulting in increased enrollment, program management for Executive Education, distance learning programs with large online and branch campuses and MBA programs.