Master of Education in Adult Education

Curriculum and Coursework

Curriculum Hours
Core Courses 30
ED 500 Foundations of Adult Education 3
ED 512 Human Capacity Building 3
ED 516 Introduction to Graduate Research 3
ED 538 Integrating Adult Development and Learning 3
ED 540 Emerging Technologies and Facilitation Strategies 3
ED 542 Program Planning for Adults 3
ED 559 Research and Resource Development 3
ED 563 Managing Change and Innovation 3
ED 570 Critical Teaching for Social Change 3
ED 631 Action Practicum 3
Total Hours 30

Curriculum is subject to change. For the latest curriculum, please refer to the Park University Catalogs.

Your Learning Journey

Once you have registered in Park University’s M.Ed. in Adult Education Program, you will receive login details to access the following information and resources:

Park e-Classroom & Mobile Learning

Each complete course is available to you via the Park University e-course system. All of the learning information and activities are available in the class and are divided into 8 weeks per course. Furthermore, Park has free ‘apps’ that will allow you to access material for your course via your mobile device, for ultimate ease of use and flexibility.

Multimedia Learning Modules

Content is shared and organized in customized multimedia modules. These modules allow you to access information at your convenience and to review modules that include audio, video, interaction, and exchange.

Global Videoconferencing

Participants in the program are literally dispersed across the globe and have the opportunity to connect through Park’s videoconferencing options. Live, synchronous, multi-party videoconferencing enables team project work, discussions, polling, Q & A with your professors, and recording of the live meeting for later review.

Electronic Resources, Databases & ePortfolio

You will have access to Park University’s expansive online repository of electronic texts, articles, industry reports, and third-party databases of information. This information can be used to shape your assigned activities and your professional work. Furthermore, you can customize your own portfolio to illustrate your specialization and competencies in the workplace.

Learning Design

All courses in the program are designed to emphasize and integrate four learning dimensions, as operationally defined below:

  • Knowledge - Awareness: that which is familiar; significant and specific content (in the practice and profession of adult education).
  • Collaboration - Working jointly toward knowledge sharing; interaction, exchange, peer review.
  • Application - Integration and demonstration of knowledge in the context of practice.
  • Synthesis - Analyzing and fusing disparate parts into a coherent, complex, and new entity.

All four elements will be evident in each course of the program.

M.Ed. Adult Learning - Learning Design