Master of Business Administration

Management Accounting Concentration

The MBA Management Accounting concentration is designed to prepare students with the competencies necessary to excel in professional positions that require a high level of comfort with accounting and finance, such as chief financial officers, controllers, financial analysts, budget analysts or directors. More specifically, the students will develop an extensive understanding of management accounting concepts, cost accounting, accounting research practices, activity-based costing as an aid to making decisions, profit planning, budget forecasting and preparation, and broaden their leadership skills. In acquiring skills for leading the CFO function within a variety of organizational structures, this concentration will develop student knowledge of financial planning, financial analysis, control mechanisms, decision-making, and professional ethics.

Course Requirements 12 credits
ACC 510 Accounting Research and Analysis 3 cr.
ACC 613 Understanding Auditing and Control Mechanisms 3 cr.
ACC 617 Advanced Managerial Accounting Issues 3 cr.
ACC 626 Management Accounting Leadership - Role of the Chief Financial Officer 3 cr.