Master of Business Administration


The MBA International Business concentration focuses on how globalization has affected the way business is done. Whether a student wishes to advance in a large, multinational conglomerate or work with foreign organizations and businesses, the International Business concentration provides the tools to operate in a multinational/multicultural environment.

Core 12 cr.
MBA 507 International Economics 3 cr.
MBA 625 International Finance 3 cr.
MBA 660 Strategic Global Business Management 3 cr.
MBA 610 Advanced Seminar in International Marketing 3 cr.

The MBA Management Information Systems concentration offers a unique combination of business intelligence, industry standards and practical instruction by providing a basis of business and computer information technology curricula to supply graduate students with in-depth knowledge and hands-on understanding of the essentials of information systems. The rationale is to produce quality graduate-level business students who are not only skilled in basic business knowledge, but also have a strong foundation in current information systems technology. Students are trained to apply management information systems technology to help create efficient and effective business enterprises capable of competing in a global setting.

Core (select four) 12 cr. MBA 605 Management Information Systems 3 cr.
MBA 606 Strategic Information Systems 3 cr.
MBA 607 Systems Analysis and Design 3 cr.
MBA 608 Topics in Information Systems 3 cr.
MBA 609 Database Management Systems 3 cr.

The MBA Finance concentration is designed to provide MBA graduates with broad professional competence and skills to prepare them for careers in executive positions at banks, financial institutions and other firms. The Finance concentration is designed to assist students for an extensive understanding of a core set of skills in financial modeling, debt and equity issues, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, risk management, financial reporting and analysis, and taxation necessary in the modern corporate finance positions, as well as in other careers such as consulting. By incorporating critical strategies and techniques in the areas such as investment and commercial banks, financial as well as general management consulting, venture capital and private equity firms, and corporate finance within 500 large-cap companies, graduates will be primed for financial challenges in both the national and international arena.

The concentration in finance will allow students to tailor their program to their professional goals and to prepare for one or more of the following career opportunities:
  • Investment Management. Prepares candidates for a career as a security analyst, money manager, brokerage firm analyst, insurance company representative or other financial job function.
  • Corporate Financial Management. Concerned with duties of financial managers in business, including risk management, strategic planning, budgeting, financial forecasting, cash management, credit administration, investment analysis and funds procurement.

Course Requirements 12 cr.
MBA 621 Advanced Corporate Finance 3 cr.
MBA 625 International Finance 3 cr.
MBA 640 Investment Management 3 cr.
Electives (select one)
MBA 641 Fixed Income Securities 3 cr.
MBA 642 Financial Derivatives 3 cr.
MBA 643 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 cr.