Command and General Staff College

Master of Healthcare Administration

The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program, housed in the Hauptmann School for Public Affairs, offers students an exclusive opportunity to understand and master the organizational, legal, financial, political, and managerial elements of healthcare.  Graduates of the MHA program will have a vast array of career opportunities open to them, including hospitals, long-term care systems, and healthcare consulting organizations, non-profit healthcare associations, public health administration, government healthcare agencies, and community health agencies. The MHA degree is a 36 hour program, with up to nine credit hours available as transfer credits for CGSC officers, as per the detail below:


Park University Course CGSC Blocks
HA 511 – Leadership and Management in Healthcare Systems (3.0 cr. hr.) C100 – Foundations (2.3 cr. hr.)
L100 – Leadership (1.6 cr. hr.)
Total = 3.9 cr. hr.
HA 611 – Mediation, Negotiation, and Conflict Management (3.0 cr. hr.) C410 – Army Operational Doctrine (1.5 cr. hr.)
C420 – Elements of Full Spectrum Operations (1.0 cr. hr.)
F100 – Managing Army Change (1.15 cr. hr.)
Total = 3.65 cr. hr.
HA 521 – Special Topics in Healthcare leadership (3.0 cr. hr.) C200 – Strategic Environment (2.4 cr. hr.)
C300 JIMM Capabilities (1.6 cr. hr.)
Total = 4.0 cr. hr.