Command and General Staff College

Master of Business Administration - CGSC

The M.B.A. Program provides training to individuals to think critically and effectively to find solutions to management problems. It also prepares students to excel in managerial and technical skills necessary for leadership positions in worldwide and technologically sophisticated market environment. Significance is also placed on developing the skills and techniques required to effectively implement decisions. Graduates with the MBA degree acquired business skills and tools vital for success in today's fast-paced business environment; graduates pursue a wide range of careers, from work in international corporations to small businesses to nonprofit agencies. 

Command and General Staff College Officers may pursue the General M.B.A. degree by transferring CGSC credits for up to 3 hours towards the MBA Core and 9 hours toward elective credits, leaving 21 hours of Core requirements and 3 hours of elective requirements to complete.


CGSC Courses Completed

MBA Transfer

Credit Hours

C600 Planning Block

MBA526 Corporate Enterprise Management in a Complex Global Setting


L100  Leadership Block & F100 Force Management Block

MBA620 Leadership in Organizations (3 hours)


C100 Foundation Block

MBA520 Entrepreneurial Project Management
(3 hours)


C200 Strategic Studies Block & C500 Joint Functions Block

MBA670 Special Topics in Business (3 hours)


Total Credit Hours


Officers who decide to do a concentration will have additional coursework to complete to achieve his/her degree requirements. 

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