Certificate in Human Resource Management

About the Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management is housed in the School of Business. The certificate is designed to expose students to the functional areas of a typical human resource department. In addition, the students gain a deeper appreciation of the consultative role that HR professionals play in supporting the organization’s management team, employees, and contractors. The competencies acquired in this curriculum will prepare students to more effectively manage personnel and leverage the support of their HR professionals as their career advances.


Required courses 12 hours
  • MBA 634 (HA 634) Planning and Staffing 3 cr.
  • MBA 635 (HA 635) Training, Development, and Evaluation 3 cr.
  • MBA 636 (HA 636) Change Management and Conflict Resolution 3 cr.
  • MBA 637 (HA 637) Compensation Management 3 cr.